Dear Horse Enthusiast,

The Union County Horseman's Directory is a local yearly publication designated to provide a quick, easy reference for equine related businesses and customers.  This is our sixteenth year of publishing.  Our area includes Union and surroundng counties in North and South Carolina.  Services, supplies and information about the horse industry in this area can be difficult to obtain and U.C.H.D. provides instant, affordable access to a wide variety of essential information.

Since we publish once a year, your advertising and information stays at your customer's fingertips.  We are compiling information for the 2014 edition and invite you to list with us.  U.C.H.D. 2014 will be published in January of 2014 and is distributed free through tack and feed stores, chambers of commerce clubs, organizations and real estate re-location services.

If you would be interested in listing with us for 2014 please download the Sales Contract, fill it out  and return to us with your payment by October 31st.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at our address, phone number or e-mail listed in the contacts information.


Linda Suhre'



All information is correct as of November 15, 2013 as submitted by our subscribers.  Information is subject to change without notice.

UCHD does not endorse or recommend any particular listing or assume responsibility for verification of information received from subscribers.  UCHD is not affiliated with or part of any other directories or publications.

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